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Our Field

We began growing lavender when we moved to California in 1998, harvesting the very few plants we had in our small yard.  Influenced by a dear friend, we continued to add more lavender each year and enjoyed creating lavender bunches and gifts for family and friends.  And so the love of lavender began.


Our recent purchase of a countryside home with beautiful views  and sunsets over Almaden Valley helped us find our calling.  We wanted to bring more citrus and apricot trees into our area, and to plant something perfect for our Mediterrarean-like weather on our hillside; lavender was meant to be.  And so we now have a hillside of purple haze May through July.  




Lavender cultivars we grow on our property include:

  • Grosso

  • Royal Velvet

  • Buena Vista

  • Provence

  • Alba (white)

  • Hidcote Blue

  • Hidcote Pink 


Since July of 2014, we harvest fresh and dried bundles, and the remaining lavender in the field is distilled for pure essential oil. Up until 2018 we took our lavender to Carmel Lavender to be distilled for essential oil. John retired and we have since been distilling the lavender ourselves.  Our products are handcrafted using only our pure lavender essential oil, hydrosol and dried lavender buds.  



... and Such 

In our orchard we have apricots, peach, plum, nectarine, citrus and other fruit trees.   You will also find artichokes, tomatoes, peppers and other herbs such as rose geranium, lemon verbena and rosemary throughout the gardens.  Our bees have swarmed but hope to have hives back again soon.     |    Disclaimer and Terms of Use    |    ©2015 by Frederick's Field.  Proudly created with

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