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Pure Hydrosol & Sprays


100% pure lavender hydrosol from the steam distillation of our Grosso lavender essential oil used in our body and facial mist.  Use our linen spray to freshen your bed linens and room.  

Our products are made using our hillside grown lavender for sachets, dried bouquets, pure lavender (Grosso) essential oil and hydrosol.  We have partnered with another lavender farm to craft body lotions and olive oil soap using our lavender essential oil and buds for scenting.   All other lavender products have been hand crafted by us. 


At this time you please contact us at if you're interested in product purchase.  


Also, please visit us at the local farmers markets and boutiques listed under Happenings.  


Contact us directly at to arrange for product purchase and pick-up.  Product list and order form:   




Goat Milk Body Lotion scented with Grosso lavender essential oil.


Lavender Wonder Body Lotion also scented with our Grosso lavender essential oil.



Made using our Grosso lavender for a beautiful scent that will last! 

Soap & Body Scrub


Handcrafted olive oil soap scented with our Grosso lavender oil and buds. 

Lavender Sugar and Sea Salt Scrub to exfoliate and soften your skin. 

Gift Baskets & Gift Sets


"Just for You" with lavender scented body and face mist,body lotion and sachet. 


"Aromatherapy Set" with linen spray, candle and sachet. 

We can also create a beautiful gift basket for you - contact us! 



Fresh bundles of Grosso available, when in season, which may also be dried as a bouquet or used in a sachet or potpourri.  


Dried bundles of deep purple Royal Velvet and also Buena Vista English lavenders.  Sweet frangrance, excellent for crafting, dried bouquets, sachets and culinary uses. 

Culinary Lavender


Expand your cooking with our culinary lavender Buena Vista to add floral and herbal notes to your dishes.   


And Such .....


Our favorite lavender books, massage oil, lavender candles.  See Product list and order form for more details.  



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